Patient Engagement Event Sponsor Profile - Ascensia Diabetes Care

On to the penultimate sponsor profile for our Patient Engagement Event which is now just two weeks away.


Ascensia Diabetes Care is the new name for Bayer, the make of Contour blood glucose meters.


These devices are used in conjunction with Contour Next test strips, which have the great feature of allowing you to top-up your drop of blood if it wasn’t initially enough to give you a reading.  Ascensia also have a rewards programme which allows you to collect the cardboard tops from test strip boxes and exchange them for free diabetes products such as meter cases or diabetes books.    We collect these tops as a group to be able to provide members with more information to help them manage their diabetes.


Make sure you visit the Ascensia stand on the evening.  There’s still time to register, so follow the registration link and sign up today - it’s completely free.