Outpatient Questionnaire - Have Your Say

There's an opportunity for you to have your say on Outpatient Services at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

South Yorkshire Housing Association have been commission by Sheffield Hospitals to find out people's thoughts on the Outpatient Services.

You can download a questionnaire from our Dropbox site and return it at our next Group meeting on April 21st (where someone from SYHA will be present).

You can also scan and return them to us at sheffielddiabetesgroup@gmail.com

We can also provide a postage address for you to use, but it will cost you the price of a stamp.

When completing the questionnaire, please bear in mind:

1.       The are keen to capture people’s outpatient experiences from the last 12 months

2.       They are collecting qualitative data that will help the Trust improve its services.  So, if people say a service or clinic was “good”, they need to know what made it good.  If people say staff were “helpful”, what did they do to be helpful.  If the waiting area was uncomfortable, what would it need to become comfortable

3.       What are the ‘musts’ people see as a minimum for every hospital visit?

4.       What, specifically, would improve things?


The detail is important so please answer as much as possible.


Any questions, get in touch with us and we'll clarify for you.