Engagement Event Sponsor Profile - B.Braun Medical Ltd

This is the first of five short articles profiling each of the five sponsors of our 2016 Patient Engagement Event.  These should give you some background about each of the companies and let you know what you can expect from them on the night.


B.Braun Medical Ltd provide a number of products to several different medical areas, not least diabetes care.  They produce blood glucose meters, pens and single use pen needles too.


They'll have information about their products, as well as some great day to day tips for living with diabetes on their stall on the night.


B.Braun have their UK headquarters in Sheffield, based in Chapeltown.  They've been very supportive of our group in the last few years, providing printing and advertising for our group. In fact, our 2016 Programmes were printed by B.Braun for free.


If you've not registered for the event yet, head over our registration page and book on now for FREE.  That page also has all the details about the event plus directions, care parking, and food info too.  The event last year was at full capacity so please don't delay if you want to secure a place.  We look forward to seeing you there!