Diabetes Week - Roundup

We hope you enjoyed Diabetes Week last week and that some of the links and articles we posted were informative.

As promised, we're posting a full roundup of everything we shared during Diabetes Week in this article so you've got one easy place to refer back to.  We've also tried to include links to author's Twitter profiles where possible.



- Caroline's story about using local groups for support

Twitter: @DiabetesUK


- News about our 2015 Walk for Diabetes!

Twitter: @Sheffield_DUK


- Phil shared his story about his diagnosis on our website

Twitter: @pip510


- Calendar news featured our Chair, Andy on his experiences living with diabetes

Twitter: @BroomOwl



- Louise talked about her relationship with her Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Twitter: @TitchyLou88


- Vicki shared what she'd learned from taking a pump break 

Twitter: @VickisNotebook


- Andy's Diabetes UK blog talked about the saga of living with diabetes

Twitter: @BroomOwl



- Dan's girlfriend talked about what it's like living with someone who has diabetes

Twitter: @HealthyTypeOne


- We heard from Laura's mum on what it's like seeing your child diagnosed and growing up with Type 1

Twitter: @Ninjabetic1


- Andy talked about how peer support helps with diabetes management

Twitter: @BroomOwl



- We heard from Ramona on using Type 2 diagnosis as an opportunity to make life changes

Twitter: @24thantherest


- Jules talked about the personal side of living with diabetes

Twitter: @Jules1315


- Dan returned to talk about his journey from diagnosis to present day

Twitter: @HealthyTypeOne



- Roz talked about 10 ways to improve wellbeing for people living with diabetes

Twitter: @Roz_Davies


Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about what we do in Sheffield, how we can help you manage yor diabetes, or if you've been inspired to share something yourself!