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Chain Gang : Frank Frost's diabetes journey

Being overweight for most of my life and having a sedentary lifestyle l was diagnosed with T2 diabetes about 20 years ago. I knew the importance of exercise but due to various reasons like lack of motivation, body image and l even felt too unfit to start exercising. But after successfully following a low carb healthy fat diet l lost enough weight to start exercising.  I joined a cycling confidence course to reacquaint myself with riding a bike after 50 years and loved it. After the course ended a few others and I decided we wanted to continue cycling together so we started a group called The Chain Gang! We are a mixed bunch who go on mainly off road ex railway tracks and canal towpaths, we look after each other and go as fast as the slowest rider. I can't overstate the enjoyment we get from the exercise, fresh air and camaraderie.

Due to my healthy diet and cycling l have reversed my diabetes lost six stones in weight and come off injecting insulin and other medication, l hope this inspires others to help themselves to overcome T2 diabetes my journey is still ongoing. It's never too late to start; after all l am 71 years of age!